Do I Need Prior Experience to take Lessons?

No!  Beginners are most welcome.   Lisa-Marie will customize your lesson plan to reflect prior experience and fitness level.

What Should I Wear, and What Should I Bring?

The best outfit for aerial is yoga pants and a sports top.   Nothing too loose that can get caught in the fabrics.  No jewelry, no perfumes.

Bring a water bottle and a can-do attitude!

What If I Am Afraid of Heights?

Don't worry - you don't start off the ground at the beginning.   Your first lessons will involve learning safety, basic terminology, and beginning poses and techniques.   When you are feeling comfortable, you can start to take your feet off the ground.

Performances & Aerial Bartending

Do I need to provide rigging?

No!  We have a portable aerial rig that is height adjustable up to 21 feet.

What about themes, costuming, and music choices?

We can completely customize your event with live music, pre-recorded playlists, choreography, solo pieces, multiple dancers, themed costumes, and aerial bartending.   We pride ourselves on producing unique events!

Are you insured?

Yes.  Every dancer that performs is fully insured.