"I Feel Strong, Powerful & Beautiful"

Lisa-Marie was the first to bring me into the Aerial dance world, and there has been no looking back since.

I have a demanding job with lots of time spent in front of a computer. I also have had no serious dance or gymnastic experience prior to jumping into Aerial; however, I find the physical and mental challenges feed my competitive spirit, and the self-expression reawakens my creativity. Aerial is like nothing I’ve ever done before!

Aerial is challenging, beautiful, and inspiring, and Lisa-Marie has been by my side every step of the way. She is motivating and encouraging, protecting a safe and enthusiastic space for exploration. With her own impressive abilities, she has a plethora of fresh moves that leave you motivated to push yourself till you can conquer each pose. Suddenly, yesterday’s “impossible” becomes today’s “normal” and you are squaring off against another inspiring challenge.

That is what feeds my Aerial addiction. I feel strong, powerful and beautiful. Everytime I climb into the air, I am proving that “I can.”



"I'm Hooked!"

Lisa-Marie is an immensely talented performer, technically and artistically. But before I knew this, I knew her as my trainer at the tiki bar we work at. Lisa-Marie has a gift for teaching. I had never before felt so secure in learning the ropes of a place, all thanks to her ability to break down information and feed it to me in the right amounts at the right time.
But back to aerial - I had been looking to expand my circus repertoire for years, but never felt like it was quite the right time or place. Then Lisa-Marie told me her plans for ElevAtion and I knew that I had finally hit upon the crucial piece - the right teacher.
Every class I find myself being led beyond what I thought I was capable of. Under Lisa-Marie's instruction and with her guidance and encouragement I can feel my body growing stronger and my mind clearer. I'm hooked!!